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2019 Board of Directors

Executive Committee
President: Charles Lehuakona Isaacs, Jr.
Treasurer: Steven Lee Montgomery, Ph.D.

Members at Large
Director: Kim Ku‘ulei Birnie
Director: Lauren Carter-Roth Venu
Director: Jamie Kamailani Boyd, Ph.D.
Director: William Mokahi Steiner

Executive Assistant: Char Ka‘olu Luning
Field Coordinator: Richard Ka‘imi Scudder
Webmaster: Eric Guinther


‘Ahahui Mālama i ka Lōhaki is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit coalition (‘ahahui) of Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians devoted to the presevation of native species and ecosystems and the importance of their relationship to Hawaiian culture. We believe that our culture will be greatly diminished unless we support efforts to conserve native Hawaiian ecosystems and species.

Our organization was founded in 1994 to provide a Hawaiian voice in favor of conservation at a time when scientists and hunters were in conflict over forest management. We serve the Hawaiian community and also offer a voice that reflects the scientific basis and resource management practices of the greater conservation community in the Hawaiian Islands.

The board of ‘Ahahui Mālama i ka Lōkahi by charter must include a simple majority of members of Hawaiian ancestry. Membership in the organization does not at all require Hawaiian ancestry.

‘Ahahui Mālama I Ka Lōkahi

Hawaiians for the Conservation
of Native Ecosystems

P.O. Box 720, Kailua, Hawai‘i 96734
www.ahahui.net ~ email@ahahui.net

To practice, promote, and perpetuate a modern native Hawaiian conservation ethic
That provides for a healthy Hawaiian ecosystem
Nurtured by human communities and
Serving as a model for local and global resource management.

The ‘Ahahui logo was designed by Sam ‘Ohukani‘ōhi'a Gon III and Mike Naho‘opi‘i and incorporates plants and animals from the land and the sea. On land (upper) is a nuku‘i‘iwi vine with a carnivorous caterpillar, and to the right, a mamo (a honeycreeper used for featherwork). For the sea (lower) there is a monk seal (‘īlio-holo-i-ka-uaua), a hā‘uke‘uke (purple urchin), and a limu kala (important medicinal and protocol seaweed). Within this lei of life is a petroglyph of a family, representing Hawaiian lifestyle and community. Above the figures is a triple circle, symbol of the three-fold mission of our ‘Ahahui: stewardship, culture, and education. The symbol is a closed oval, signifying the circle of ecological relationships between plants and animals, and between land and sea. Humans are embraced within this relationship, and via cultural practices and spiritual links (e.g., via ‘aumakua) are part of the circle as well. We stand for informed, responsible stewardship of the land and sea.


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